The Most Common Reasons for Missing Teeth

Loss of primary teeth in childhood can be the reason to celebrate. This is the reason that fantasies like tooth fairy exist in order to give children the reason to relax. They are told about tooth fairy coming to get their baby teeth and making way for the adult teeth. At this stage, the children are then taken to the dentists who lecture them about the dental care and oral hygiene they must maintain in order to ensure better oral health. But, is there a matter to worry about when you lose your adult tooth?

Well, it certainly is because you are not going to get your adult tooth back when it is lost.

Perhaps, this is the most common reason that there are no fantasies associated with the loss of adult teeth. It’s surely the matter tooth fairy would want to get involved in. However, modern technology is something which can help you in this scenario. Restorative dentistry has made it very much of a possibility to get the functionality and aesthetics back after tooth/teeth are lost. Now, there are implants and implant-based bridges which tend to give you the bite force back. These restorative options have made it possible for anyone to chew on the hard foods even after losing all of the teeth.

Well, you can always go for the restorative dentistry when it’s over for your natural teeth. But nothing can be as good as retaining the natural teeth for as long as you can. For this purpose, major reasons which may end up making you lose your teeth are worth mentioning here.

The major reasons for missing teeth

  • Periodontal diseases can end up in the tooth loss. We can say it with utmost surety it has been one of the major reasons for the people to lose their teeth. However, there is good news that this disease can give you enough time because this ailment makes a patient feel its presence from very start. It means that getting it treated on time can help in saving the teeth.
  • Root canal infection is basically associated with the infection in the pulp of the tooth that lies in the four root canals. This pulp basically consists of nerves and blood vessels which are responsible to provide teeth with the necessary nutrients needed to keep the teeth alive and healthy. When infection in that pulp occurs, the need for root canal therapy arises. If it is left untreated, it doesn’t only infect the tooth badly but it can also infect jawbone.
  • Cavity is another major reason for the tooth loss. Cavity is basically the advanced stage of tooth decay, which normally does the damage to tooth enamel. When enamel is damaged, bacteria can enter the vulnerable part of the tooth. It can weaken and infect the whole tooth, leading it to become useless.

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